Snowdonia Marathon: the afterglow

I have discovered a revolutionary new method of recovering from a brutal marathon. Honestly, one week on and I cannot believe how good my legs feel. No need for icebath, sports massage, protein shake or anything so mainstream. The best part is it doesn’t cost a penny. All you need to do is…

…win the race, get yourself on telly and in the local press, then walk around with a smile on your face as all the friendly strangers congratulate you.

The support this past week has been amazing, cannot count the number of times I’ve had people come up and say ‘well done’ (I did try and count, it’s around 30). Every time it gives my legs such a boost. I took two days off after race but really didn’t need them, couldn’t wait to get back out there so people could wind down their windows and applaud me!

Really touching to get all the comments, both in the real world and on social media, thanks loads! Easy week meant more lovely family time. Highlight was bonfire on beach, then scampi & chips in the car, watching the fireworks fly up and the rain hammer down.

31/10/2016 AM PM
Tuesday 5 miles treadmill (6min miles) 1 mile + 15min ex
Wednesday 6 tm (6min miles) REST
Thursday 10 (no watch) REST
Friday 10 (no watch) REST
Saturday 10km Tempo – 35.53 REST
sposed to be 10 miles steady but slept in (Jim coughing all night) ran out of time
Sunday 12 tm (6min miles) +15min ex 2hr hill walk
 watch Wales v Oz in gym, if Mo is allowed to watch sport on treadmill, so am I!
TOTAL: 50 miles.  tm=treadmill   ex=excersises

snowdon with snow on.jpg


2 thoughts on “Snowdonia Marathon: the afterglow

  1. Keep it up, won’t be long before you will only be able to run on dual carriageways!!!! For all your fans…. 😉

    Were proud of you, and the important back up team who make it possible!



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