week up to Conwy Half

Six days at work then a half marathon on the Sunday makes for a hard week, throw in two restless nights with Jim and I was near the edge some days. Been getting home pretty shattered, so to have incredible Nina put dinner on the table, get wood burner roaring, and do all the other things to keep life ticking over, is just so massively amazing. We watched a great movie together, Captain Fantastic,  about a family that live out in the woods; having rejected society they are then suddenly forced to re-engage. There were many parallels for us, the way we have chosen to live, and how we raise our kids. But we try hard to keep both feet firmly planted in the real world. Was very happy to win the Conwy Half Marathon, race report to follow…

14/11/2016 AM PM
 Bad night with Jim. Without 8-9hrs sleep a night I am useless
Tuesday 5 tm 7 tm + 15min ex
Wednesday 5 tm 600,500,400,300,200 x3 (2min rest) @71sec lap pace
Thursday 5 tm 7 tm
 Another bad night, sleep in, and no time to fit a run in later
Saturday 10 REST
Sunday Conwy Half – 1st (69.43) REST
TOTAL: 63 miles.  tm=treadmill   ex=excersises

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