Motorcycle Emptiness

We try to live as minimally as possible. We have a very modest place, and own very few things. We really do not want to be a two car family. But in Snowdonia, with minimal public transport, everything is a drive away. I have tried cycling to work, running to work, or have Nina and the kids drop me off and pick me up from work (by far the hardest, most stressful option). None offered a real, permanent solution. This summer I got a little motorbike and thought I had the answer, that is until storm Angus hit early last week. I had never ridden a motorbike through heavy rain and wind in the dark before, I never will again. Tuesday morning, the journey took 1hr 10, instead of the usual 30mins. I stopped at a petrol station, and standing in the kiosk, soaked through and trying to open my hands, which were clenched shut from gripping the handlebars so tight, I couldn’t believe what I had just been through. And had to ride back through it all again after work! I don’t like to use words like ‘traumatic’ and ‘terrifying’, but I was so traumatised and terrified that I was on ebay that night looking for a second car, and had bought one by Friday.

That was not soon enough it turned out. Saturday morning, I couldn’t find a car insurance deal I was happy with, so took to the bike to go training, promptly crashed it and broke my thumb. Had to spend the night in hospital and have an op the following morning to reset my displaced Bennett fracture. I asked for a local anesthetic so I got to watch them drive the pin into my hand, quite an experience. I have to be in a cast for up to six weeks.

That means I can’t work, and don’t need the car at all now. Hoping to be as productive as possible in that time and not drive Nina too crazy.

21/11/2016 AM PM
Monday 5 tm 5 tm
Tuesday TRAUMATISED 5 tm
 Stood in gym shower for 30min trying to warm up after motorbike ride from hell
Wednesday 5 tm 300m (200 jog) 150m (150 jog) x6. 64 sec lap pace
Thursday REST 10 tm + 15min ex
Friday 10 REST
Saturday Crash motorbike Hospital
Sunday Operation REST
TOTAL: 45 miles.  tm=treadmill   ex=excersises



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