Project: Mend Broken Thumb (Week 1/6)

One week down, five to go. It is my right thumb that is broken and I am left handed, everyone keeps telling me how lucky this is, but who writes anything any more? And lefties have to get used to living in a right mans world pretty quickly anyway. I have broken this same thumb before (Air Cadets), broken my left wrist (rollerblading) and dislocated both thumbs (basketball) so the inconvenience is not such a shock.

The constant dull pain of first 5 days was very tiring. As is the permanent discomfort of walking around with trousers falling down and tripping over shoelaces. Cannot put right hand in pocket so instead have been putting things in weird places, resulting in Nina’s smartphone disappearing off the face off the earth, and my mp3 player being put in the wash.

Absolutely beautiful winter weather here in Snowdonia. Can’t work but loving having more time with the kids, also my sister finally returned from S.America. The 2 days before she came home went by slower than the 2 years she had been away! Did long run 5am Sunday morning so we could meet her at the airport, ran on gym treadmill by the window and the drunken revelers waved at me as they stumbled home in the dawn.

28/11/2016 AM PM
Monday REST 10
 feel like I havn’t run in 5 years, body shaken up from crash, operation etc
Tuesday 5 tm + 3hr hill walk carrying Jim 10 tm
thumb hurts bit less on treadmill, but body still feels uncoordinated and sluggish
Wednesday REST (nap 2 hrs) 5 tm
 feel awful, really heavy and tired all day, overdid it yesterday
Thursday 5 tm 5 x 1km @ 3min pace (3min rest)
 feel bit better
Friday 10 REST
 feel worse again
Saturday 10 tm REST
 feel good, bit more like usual self
Sunday 20 tm (2hrs) REST
 feels surprisingly good. Maybe can do Telford 10km next Sunday
TOTAL: 80 miles.  tm=treadmill 



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