Telford 10km

Unable to continue work as a builder (due to broken thumb) I have temporarily reverted to doing some web-design stuff. Although I like the creative aspect, the days can fly by so quick, too quick, and you suddenly realise it’s night and you haven’t been outside or spoken to anyone or done anything, except order a few coffees and get completely sucked into your computer screen. And your shoulders ache. For me, I prefer the honest, physical labour of building. Doing different things every day,  dealing with people and problems face to face. Your shoulders still ache, but in a good way.

Telford 10km on Sunday, I had been targeting this race for a while, but since coming off the motorbike 2 weeks ago, it became a long shot. I have missed it the past 2 years, and was selected to run for North Wales this year, so I decided to show up with no expectations and see what my body gave me.

Simple things like tying shoe laces and putting timing chip on still take me a long time. The N.Wales manager, Paul Brooks, had to kindly pin my number on, so I didn’t miss the race completely. The course is 2 laps, very flat. Hairing through the tight park lanes, lined with high trees, made for a great atmosphere. Plus the field was absolutely loaded and everyone was hell for leather from the start, it was quite a buzz!

My mum had called me a few days earlier saying she didn’t think I should run, incase I fell. I dismissed her concern outright as I’ve never fallen in a road race. I didn’t give it a second thought, until we approached the hairpin at mile 2. We all had to run clockwise around a single cone, at full pelt, which caused a big bottleneck and a guy infront of me slammed hard onto the wet tarmac. I instantly got psychosomatic pain, I knew if I fell like that it would re-break my thumb, and that my mum would consequently kill me. I had to tiptoe round, losing lots of ground. Then, on the 2nd lap, someone fell at the cone again, just as hard, it really made me scared, and I realised I was still holding onto the fear after the cone was left well behind.

However, I was happy just to be back racing after the past few weeks, I was definitely the fastest guy with a broken bone, and it was still a season best 31.08. I had a McDonalds chocolate milkshake on the way home, and I don’t care!

Full results can be found here

Official race video here

Photos courtesy of

5/12/2016 AM PM
 sore throat, lose voice
Tuesday 5 REST
Wednesday 5tm 5 x 1km @ 3min pace (3min rest)
 same session as last week, feels much easier this time
Thursday 5tm + 15min ex
Friday 6tm + 15min ex 4tm
Saturday 5 + 4x100m strides REST
Sunday Telford 10km – 31.08 REST
TOTAL: 45 miles.  tm=treadmill   ex=excersises



5 thoughts on “Telford 10km

  1. Russell

    Your mum and dad spoke to me about your thumb.

    As a Professor I have no problem coming over there and slapping you for wanting your cast off at three weeks.

    I have two phrases for you to look up;

    Avascular Necrosis


    These are disasters so please be patient, heal and don’t ding your thumb again.

    Speak soon

    Prof O’Donnell


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