Project: Mend Broken Thumb (week 4/6)

Been feeling much better this week, and enjoying my running more. Also the web design going better, getting used to it. We had fantastic day at Chester Zoo on Friday in beautiful winter weather. The bats are incredible, you walk straight through their cave as they fly all around you. I tried (and failed) not to squeal infront of the family when one landed square on my face.

I read Greg Rutherford’s autobiography, unbelievable how consistent he has been considering the injuries and illnesses he has had. Despite 17 torn hamstrings, tonsillitis, appendicitis, kidney infection, and whiplash, he has won Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic Games.

He is a self-taught exponent of sports psychology, and visualised himself winning the Olympics literally thousands of times in the build up, to the point where he was the only one in the stadium who wasn’t surprised when he actually pulled it off. He bargains with his body while competing through injury, ‘just give me one big jump, and I will give you the rest of the year off.’ Very honest and refreshing read.

12/12/2016 AM PM
Monday 10 + 15min ex REST
Tuesday 10 + 15min ex 5 tm
Wednesday REST 6x1km @ 3min pace (2.30 rest)
Thursday 10 8 tm
Friday 10 REST
 Chester Zoo
Saturday 5km parkrun – 16.01 (30min rest), 6x600m in 1.44 (200 jog), 400/200 (1min rest) in 62/30, 1xmile in 5.22 REST
Sunday 12 miles @ 5.35 pace + 3 warm up REST (1hr nap)
felt easy and smooth, but later in the day it hit me like a train
TOTAL: 90 miles.  tm=treadmill   ex = excersises

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