Project: Mend Broken Thumb (Final Week!)

Went to Bangor hospital on Wed, the NHS service couldn’t have been better, barely got a chance to sit down before I was whisked off to X-Ray, then cast removal, then Doctor. After having 3 inch pin expertly removed from my thumb, I was sent on my way. It feels amazing being able to do everything again. Faffing around with a massive sheet of damp proof membrane, it wasn’t behaving the way I wanted, and I realised I would normally be really irritated by this, but because I was so content with just having both my thumbs working I found myself really enjoying the work. I’m sure there is a lesson there somewhere.

We have loved being back in Snowdonia, and getting back into our routine. Training has been hard though, really wanted a 100 mile week, but just couldn’t get myself out of bed early enough some mornings. Must fix that next week.

We were taking Jim out on his bike on Saturday around the local village. I was occupied with adjusting his saddle when I noticed an elderly gentleman go up to Nina and baby, hand over a coin and mumble a few things. She chatted away with him for abit and he walked off. I was going to have a go at her for accepting money off a stranger, poor guy, he was obviously confused. But she informed me that this was ‘a thing’. The older generation sometimes give her ‘a pound for the baby’. It has happened to her a few times apparently.  What a wonderful, touching thing to do. It made me look forward to getting old, so I can continue the noble tradition.

2/1/2017 AM PM
Monday 10 REST
Tuesday 15 REST
 Drive home to Wales
Wednesday REST  10 tm
Thursday REST 10 tm
 Really tired, didn’t want to run. Promised myself chocolate milk if I finished
Friday REST 5 tm
Saturday Dolgellau Parkrun – 16.12 REST
 Course Record, felt hard though!
Sunday 15 @ 5.38 pace. 6 warm up/down REST
sposed to be 5.45 pace, but 5.40 felt easy so I went with it
TOTAL: 77 miles. tm = treadmill

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