North Wales Cross Country Champs

Another week of beautiful winter weather, great for the kids to get loads of fresh air, and soon it will be light enough for me to get all my runs done outside and away from treadmill. Last week’s niggle cleared up remarkably quickly and so I spent the week feeling like I had a new lease of life. Really enjoyed competing in North Wales Cross Country Champs. Heavy rain at the start, and then warm sunshine. A group of 3 broke away, myself, Ricky Challinor and Iolo Hughes. Ricky led upto halfway at which point Iolo made a break up a long hill. I couldn’t tag onto it, but he pulled me away from Ricky, I just had to hold on to my position as best I could and try not to let the gap get too big. Thighs were abit heavy from high mileage, but happy with 2nd place.


Also rounded off a 100 mile week (101 actually, but who’s counting), my first for a while. I celebrated with 2 Belgian buns and felt really ill afterwards. Hopefully more 100 mile weeks ahead… and less Belgian buns.

23/1/2017 AM PM
Monday 2 x 700m hill 7 tm
calf loosening
Tuesday 3 x 700m hill 8 tm
 that hill is hard, thighs shaking after
Wednesday 1 x 700m hill + 9 tm  16x400m (1min rest) @ 69 sec per lap, 2 x 200m in 32, 1 x mile in 5.09.
Thursday 4 tm 10 tm
Friday 3 6 tm
Saturday 10 North Wales Cross Country Champs, 6 miles. 2nd place. 4 warm up/ down
Sunday 18 @ 5.49min miling. 3 warm up
perfect weather, not a breeze, enjoyed it
TOTAL: 101 miles. tm = treadmill