Trouble in Paradise

I ran spectaculary badly in the Welsh 10km Championships yesterday, and I cannot just brush it aside…

Held at the Great Orme, I kinda know it is going to be difficult when on the drive over there I can’t keep myself awake. Have been ill and tired all week, and Sunday morning is no better. It is blowing a gale (literally) and the waves are crashing up the promenade.

After the first 1km I am already in trouble. I feel like a block of wood stumbling up the Orme, no rhythm or pop in my legs. In 5th place at the top,  I still fully expect to do some serious damage on the descent. But my legs decide otherwise. I laboriously manage to reel in the guy in 4th, but cannot pull away from him.

I find myself with 1km to go in some kind of nightmare. The headwind is so strong that it feels like I am running but not moving, the wind howls and the waves crash so loudly that all my senses are overwhelmed. I can see the finish line clearly but just cannot get to it. I am locked in battle with this guy and we are neck and neck. To compound things, Nina is driving along in the car yelling at me for what seems an eternity, but she is flogging a dead horse, I have nothing. I manage to pull away in the last 200m for a very messy 4th place, I quickly shake hands with the other runners and am in the car to get out of there as soon as possible. Not a good day at the office!  In hindsight, I am proud that I kept trying right to the end, even though everything was going wrong for me. Have to put it behind me and hope this cold clears soon.

Another week of beautiful winter sunshine here, but my head was down, bashing through another 100 mile week with a cold. Nina had her first race for almost a year on Saturday, the Moel Y Ci fell race. She finished with a sprint and a smile, Jim gave her a big hug and we were all very proud of her.

Next race for me is Village Bakery Half, where I am hoping for a sub 70.

6/2/2017 AM PM
Monday 8 10 tm
Tuesday 10 10 tm
Wednesday 4 6 x 1km @ 3min pace (3min rest). 8 miles total
Thursday REST 10 tm
Friday 6 10 tm
Saturday 6  watch Nina race
Sunday Welsh 10km Champs. 4th – 33.04. 11 miles total  8
TOTAL: 101 miles. tm = treadmill

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