Warm Weather Training

Missed last week’s blog as am on holiday, so covering 2 weeks in 1 post here. Easy week after Reading Half, as I am wary of over doing it. I often find that after running a pb I can produce some great performances in training, fuelled only on ego and adrenaline. Then it all catches up with me, and my body crashes in a heap. Less is more coming up to London Marathon.

We fly off on holiday the following week. Stay with Nina’s parents in their place near Carcassonne, S.France. Idyllic little hamlet, perfect weather. I get up around 7am every morning, run round the same mile loop, through vineyards and with snowcapped Pyrenees as a back drop, as the sun rises. I listen to the same song on repeat, and run in beat with it, mouth closed, breathing through my nose. My lap times come down as my body relaxes and adapts. It helps to wash away all the bad habits I pick up from a heavy racing/ training schedule. I do this every time I come here, and it always works. And then I have the rest of the day to eat beautiful food, and spend time in the sun with my beautiful family.

20/3/2017 AM PM
Tuesday 6 10 tm
Wednesday 3 2 tm
Thursday 6
Friday 10 REST
Saturday 12 REST
Sunday 10km tempo – 32.49. 10 miles total  4
 Try a Renato Canova ‘Special Block’ – fail
TOTAL: 63 miles. tm = treadmill
27/3/2017 AM PM
Monday 7 REST
 fly to France
Tuesday 10 REST
Wednesday 15 REST
Thursday 10 5
Friday 15 REST
Saturday 10 REST
Sunday Pic De Nore (1,211m) – 20 miles  REST
 up and down the highest mountain in the area. Snowing at summit, legs frozen, love it!
TOTAL: 92 miles. 

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