Taper Town

With 2 weeks till the London Marathon it is a strange time; less training so to freshen up for big day, but just enough to keep you sharp and race ready. Flicking through the glossy London Marathon magazine this week, I read some good advice on tapering… with the free time that comes with less training, don’t be tempted to fill it all with chores around the house…as I was just about to go out in the rain and chop up some firewood. For the last 2 months I have been coming home in the dark, tired. To be home at 5.30pm with hours of daylight and bundles of energy was quite confusing at first, I felt like I was being too lazy. But I fast got used to it.

I read Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography in the week, driving Nina crazy with my feet up, cup of tea in hand. Like or loathe him, Sir Alex was a serial winner, and manager to some of the most famous athletes in the world. Loads of fascinating insights, for instance, David Beckham never once accepted he was in the wrong, or made a mistake, ever. But his powers of perseverance were unparalleled.

Dealt with tight left calf again this week, which I kinda expected after racing abit too soon last weekend. It was getting better every morning, so decided to have a go at the parkrun in Bangor on the Saturday. It was a very cold morning and the start was a fast downhill, my calf seized up immediately. I slowed down and carried on, it eased off abit. There were a record number of runners, on a narrow 4 lap course, so I just cruised round, rather than elbow the kids and their mums out the way as I weaved through.

Who put Easter Sunday the week BEFORE the marathon? So unfair. I tried not to eat any chocolate that day, but at around 9pm, cracked, had 2 tiny mini-eggs, totally doesn’t count.

10/4/2017 AM PM
Monday 6 REST
Tuesday 6 6
Wednesday 6 REST
Thursday 6 REST
Friday 6 REST
calf feeling really good. First morning dipping under 6min miling feeling relaxed.
Saturday 5km parkrun – 17.29. 8 miles total REST
calf cramps abit. Look after kids while Nina gets disqualified from Fron Four fell race.
Sunday 6 v easy  REST
 calf not as bad it could have been
TOTAL: 50 miles. 

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