the Iceberg Illusion

The Iceberg Illusion is the observation that you don’t see the submerged, enormous, dark bulk of ice that it takes to support a relatively tiny, clean, bright tip.

I don’t think Nina or I really considered the bulk either, at the time. All the energy, both physical and psychological, channeled solely toward a single 2 hour period. It is not a natural thing to do. Waking up the day after Marathon Sunday we both had hangovers, although had drunk nothing (ok, I had a single bottle of Corona and a few sips of Guinness, but that’s it!) We were both walking around feeling like zombies for about 5 days.

Although it has also been a fantastic week, getting to be a normal guy for a while. Waking up after 7am, not having to pack two sets of running kit every day, going for a pint after work a few times, enjoying way more time with the kids. I have also found myself doing little sprints, like just from the car to the supermarket, because I felt like it! I NEVER did anything like that for the past 3 months.

I found it really helpful to physically draw a line under London Marathon (on our massive white board) and write down the Next Big Goal. The Snowdon Race, up and down Mount Snowdon as quick as possible. Last year I represented Wales in this international event, and this year I’m hoping to improve on my highest finishing position of 8th.

24/4/2017 AM PM
 legs ruined, but pain is symmetrical (a good thing) and not dangerous
 legs worse, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (legs get worse before they improve)
Wednesday REST REST
legs much better
Thursday REST REST
Saturday REST REST
 Really would like to run, resist the urge! First total week off in about 4 years
TOTAL: 0 miles woohoo!

2 thoughts on “the Iceberg Illusion

  1. Really enjoying your blog and exciting to watch what you do on Snowdon. Reading this plus supporting at London has inspired me more than ever to secure a championship place by going sub 2:45 in Edinburgh in a few weeks time.

    Keep up the great work


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