Still Chilling


Although the plan is to ramp up my mileage this week, after a complete rest the week before, I find out I have been accepted into the Berlin Marathon. I am very excited about this and it was always a goal for this year. I fully expected myself to perform so well in London that I would be able to walk straight up to the starting line in Berlin without any problem. However, as my time was slightly off, I have had to put in a bit of work to convince the organisers I am worthy.

A big relief to be in, but rather than inspire me to train more, it convinces me to back right off. Racing two big city marathons is a lot to manage inside one year (I ran in excess of 1000 miles to prepare for London), so want to make sure I am mentally and physically as well rested as can be.

Blue skies all week, hard labour at work laying slabs, but really enjoy it. It is great cross training, and keeps my body robust and ready to pound the roads for another 1000 miles. Really looking forward to getting back into the hills and kick starting my fell running season next week.

1/5/2017 AM PM
Tuesday REST 3
Wednesday 3 3
Thursday REST REST
Friday 2 REST
Saturday REST REST
TOTAL: 11 miles.

One thought on “Still Chilling

  1. It’s a cracking race Russel although I did find it a bit too flat so you’re pounding the same musclesthe whole 26.2. Best of luck in it I’m looking forward to seeing the progress


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