Moel y Gest Fell Race

Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in cafe with Nina and the kids. It is Nina’s birthday and we are doing coffee and cake. I am sposed to be at the local fell race this evening, but after 2 weeks off running, and another hard day at work, I just want to sink into the comfy sofa and never emerge. I am abit fearful I am going to get a hiding at the race, having not run on the fells for months.

The race is going well, it’s a beautiful evening, and I am tracing Math Roberts (very strong fell runner) up the hill. I am feeling pretty good and am enjoying being back on the mountains, we take different lines near the top and when we converge he is about 20m infront of me. We still have a long way to go so I am not overly concerned. Then on the first descent, I lose sight of Math and go the wrong way, I clock eyes with a man standing on the other side of a wall, but he says nothing. I realise I have gone the wrong way when the view opens up and Math is nowhere in sight. By the time I get back on to the correct course the race is lost.

At this point there is a very unfortunate misunderstanding with the man at the wall, where I try to have a joke, but he is screaming the strongest, most insulting words he can muster into my face, accompanied by the two fingers.

When I reach the finish line, I am fully expecting him to be there and for us to sort it out. With my family and friends having a picnic there, I have no wish for any animosity. He does not show, I report the incident to the organiser, and think no more of it.

For some reason, the next day I am the one accused of abuse on facebook. Very upsetting, and causes me a lot of stress and loss of sleep. It was the opposite of what happened, I have never abused anyone in my life, and try to be friendly and approachable to everyone. I am always very respectful to volunteers and volunteer myself whenever I can. I didn’t want to even recount what has become a nasty incident here on my blog. But at the same time I don’t want to sugar-coat or skirt around the difficult things. Life is not all rainbows and marshmallows, as we all know. Huge thanks to those who came out to support me, means a great deal.

Otherwise, a stunning sunny week here in paradise. And apart from getting ill over the weekend, I am now feeling fully rested and ready to launch into my training/ racing (did I say that last week? well this time I really mean it!).

8/5/2017 AM PM
Tuesday REST Ras Moel Y Gest. 6 miles total
 12th, I think. Went wrong way
Wednesday 3 REST
Thursday REST 3
 not feeling very well
Saturday REST REST
 feeling worse
Sunday 9. Fells  REST
 2 x Cnicht Mountain. With Hebog Fell-Runners.
TOTAL: 21 miles.