2 weeks at life

I have been picked to run for Wales in France next weekend, at the Trail de Guerledan. It has definitely given me the kick up the ass I needed to get my training in gear. The 2016 race was won by Josh Griffiths, who was fastest Brit in London Marathon this year. I will be travelling on the same team as Andi Davies, who at 38 years old has just run a 2.15 marathon. I am hoping to pick his brains abit!

A bit unfortunate to have to miss the Abersoch 10km, great local event which finishes on the beach with music and crowds and loads of atmosphere. But I read a recent article from Goldie Sayers (GB javelin thrower, just retired) entitled What I’ve Learnt From 20 Years of International Sport  . It hit me right between the eyes.

“Take the opportunity NOW – Don’t assume you’ll get faster, stronger, fitter as you get older. There are no guarantees you’ll get another chance. Don’t think you’re going to your first big event for experience – it might be your last.”

So I am firmly set on France!

In other news, I put a screw through a water pipe at work. Haven’t had my heart leap through my mouth like that for a while.

15/5/2017 AM PM
 rain did not stop all day, and I just wasn’t man enough to face it
 sposed to do fell race, but couldn’t get out of work in time
Wednesday 3 4
Thursday 3  3
Friday 10 REST
Saturday REST REST
Sunday 4 x mile in 5.20 (1min rest). 4x100m. 6 miles total  REST
 miles feel stiff and heavy, but v happy with last 100m in 12sec (10m rolling start)
TOTAL: 29 miles. 
22/5/2017 AM PM
Monday 3 7
Tuesday 3 5 x 1km in 3min (3min rest). 7 miles total
Wednesday 3 7
Thursday REST 5
Saturday 5km parkrun in 17.46. Volunteer at Coed Y Brenin Academi. 10 miles total REST
 pacing Owen Roberts around as he makes his come back from injury
Sunday 6 hr mountain walk  REST
 with Bear Grylls Survival Academy
TOTAL: 45 miles.