1 week till Snowdon Race

Thankfully the mega embarrassing race of a few weeks ago (read here) was enough to give me the enormous kick up the arse I needed to get back training hard. 10 days after running 15.56 for a 5000m, I entered another one and managed 15.28. The targets were 1) sub 15.30  2) not to come last, and 3) not to get lapped! I succeeded in all of the above. Looking forward to taking another few bites out of that time this summer.

Being selected to run for Wales in the Snowdon International Race is also a massive incentive and I have been training harder on the hills lately. Last Saturday I ran up and down Snowdon for the 4th time this year, on the way down I was really getting a wiggle on, at some points running sub 4min miling. The mountain was busy but I am pretty used to avoiding people and staying out of trouble. On a steep step section I was practicing going as fast as I could when a guy randomly stepped out infront of me, he twisted to avoid me, which would have worked, if it had not been for the massive rucksack he had on, I had to swerve and jump and landed awkwardly down a big step and my spine jerked backwards. It hurt, but faded quickly and I carried on running. When I got out of the car at home I was in a lot of pain. My first back pain, how novel. And exhausting. The pain was relentless, it didn’t matter what position you were in.

I had promised Jim I would take him to see Despicable Me 3, brilliant. I was just squirming and suffering throughout. Sunday and the pain was no better, I skipped long run, lay on hard floor for about 2 hours, but still no let up. I felt very sorry for the missus, she probably had other ideas on how we were going to spend the weekend.

I had a nap alongside the kids and woke up around 4pm and the pain had magically subsided! I was so happy and grateful. I had been getting worried I would have to take time off work, and might even have to pull out of Snowdon Race. Although there was an element of bad luck involved with the incident. 2 years ago I would have bounced away from it. It was a wake up call, doing the marathon miles has led to my neglecting the strength and the conditioning, have to get back on it.

Otherwise all systems are go and really looking forward to the big day on Saturday.

3/7/2017 AM PM
Monday 3 10
Tuesday 3 Trafford 5000m – 15.28. 8 miles total
 very happy with race, quite a fast last lap, controlled effort
Wednesday 3 10
Thursday 9 10
Friday 6 10x200m in 36sec (2min rest). On trails. 5 miles total
Saturday Snowdon + 1 mile hill rep. 13 miles total REST
 incredible back pain, otherwise felt really good
 pain all morning and throughout the day, disappears later
TOTAL: 80 miles

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