juggling a mountain and a marathon

This week is a very difficult juggling act! I have quite a few masters to serve. Priority is Snowdon Race, where I want to put in a good performance for Welsh team, and my sponsors TOTALOXYGEN. I also have an eye on Berlin Marathon now, where the build up has started and I have to increase my mileage. Ontop of all this, my boss is going on holiday on Wednesday, so we are working hard tying up loose ends, finishing up jobs so he can leave with clear head.

A massive part of running quickly up mountains for me comes down to body weight. Every extra pound you carry is multiplied going up hill. I am naturally a mesomorph, put on muscle bulk easily, and come from an 800m track background where this is a good thing. I know a few marathon runners who struggle to keep off muscle (which is heavier than fat), it sounds funny but it is quite hard. Ryan Hall, 2hr04 marathon runner, became a big bodybuilder as soon as he retired, and says it feels much easier conforming to his natural shape. Since London Marathon, I’ve been continuing work as a builder, and without the high mileage to counteract it, my upper body has bulked up by about 5 or 6 pounds, so have to try to drastically drop weight before race.

I cut carbs completely until Friday, and fast (as in eat nothing) after track session on Wednesday night, but it doesn’t bring me the same weight loss it usually does. My cheek bones are sticking out yet I am almost half a stone over where I was this time last year. I cannot starve myself as that just leads to tiredness and drop in performance.

Day off work on Friday, need it. Lovely lie in, take Jim swimming, and nap. Excited about the race, if it goes well or badly, it is always an amazing experience!

Race report to follow shortly…

10/7/2017 AM PM
Monday 6 10
Tuesday 9 10
Wednesday 7 10x200m in 33 (200m jog). 5 miles total
Arrive at track tired after hard day’s work, don’t want to run. Have to call Nina to motivate me. Times slow, but feel better for doing it
Thursday 6 7
 Day off work. Go swimming with Jim, he is getting so good! 2hrs of strimming
Saturday Snowdon race. 13th. 15 miles total REST
Feel quite ok after race, then it hits me and I have to nap in pizza restaurant!
Sunday 3 REST
Pain on right heel, but just a bruise. Picnic on beach, swim in sea to relax achey legs
TOTAL: 78 miles

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