Berlin Buildup

Last week I couldn’t bring myself to blog, I was so ashamed at myself for only having managed 67 miles in the week. My legs were pretty achey after Snowdon Race, but still, I am on the countdown to Berlin Marathon now and 67 miles just won’t cut it. I promise myself I won’t blog again until I reach 100 miles,  thankfully I make the grade this week.

I badly want to get enough miles in the bank so I can have Sunday off entirely. The reason being, my little sister Maggie is getting married on the Saturday, and it would be great to stay up late, get hammered, and not have to worry about a run the next morning.

However, with various commitments, I can’t run twice every day, and just cannot get the miles done.

Morning of the wedding I arrange for my dad, my little boy, and two of my uncles to come and watch me run a local parkrun. One of my uncles, Bonnie, used to be an excellent runner, completing 10 Comrades marathons , but my dad and I get our wires crossed and we end up at different parks. I win in 15.47 with no one to witness!

It is a fantastic wedding, Maggie looks ethereal, we are served the best Caribbean food I have ever tasted (all 3 plates of it), brilliant band, and the love surrounding Maggie and Patrick on their big day is soul stirring and life affirming. I am very proud to be a part of it.

I sail through my Sunday long run still high on the afterglow of it all. BBQ at my parents for close friends and family in the sunshine and then drive back to Wales to finish a very busy week.

17/7/2017 AM PM
 legs aching after Snowdon Race
Tuesday 10 REST
Wednesday 10 REST
Thursday 10 REST
Friday 10 tempo REST
Saturday 6x1km @3min pace (3min rest). 11 miles total REST
Sunday 16 REST
6min miling, wanted 20 miles, couldn’t do it!
TOTAL: 67 miles


24/7/2017 AM PM
Monday 9 10
Tuesday 10 6 x 800m in 2.23 (3min rest, lap jog) 1x400m – 63, 1x200m – 30. 7 miles total
Wednesday 10 Drive to London
Thursday 10 5 x mile in 5.10 (3min rest, lap jog). 8 miles total
 rest between mile reps should be 30 sec, but I am too tired and give myself more
Friday 10 REST
Saturday Dulwich parkrun 5km – 15.47. 11 miles total  Paggie’s Wedding!
Sunday 15 Drive to Wales
TOTAL: 100 miles

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