Belgian buns and 10 mile runs



Craving Belgian buns all the time can only mean one thing, I am back on 100 mile weeks. This week I am very poorly disciplined. First 2 days I sleep in and decide that ‘future me’ can make up the miles later. Then on Thursday I wake up early for morning run, open the door to a gale, so go back inside and sleep another hour. I am sposed to run 10 miles that morning, however the lie in means I only manage 4. So in the evening I am now facing 16 miles, a long way, 3 miles more than a half marathon! I make myself do it, and it is so hard that Friday morning I do not sleep in again.

Sunday is a really nice day, despite the 28 miles that I have to run thanks to a lazy ‘past me’. A few miles into 18 mile morning run and I am out on the roads (there is no pavement) and a tourist drives up behind me so close that I have to jump into a bank. I twist an ankle and have to hobble for a few minutes. I am kinda laughing and crying at the same time. I decide to finish run on treadmill and watch Callum Hawkins come 4th in the World Champs Marathon, incredible run. Then swim with the family, then we all watch Beauty & the Beast (Emma Watson is not pretty enough to be the Beauty) as the rain hammers outside and I eat 1.5 Belgian buns. Then I go out and run 10 miles with my snowboarding jacket on, in August, suffering from heartburn and cursing Belgian buns.

31/07/2017 AM PM
home late last nite after long drive, then hard day at work = no run
Tuesday REST 8 x 600m (2min rest) in 1.46. 2 x 400m (1min) 200m in 64/30. 8 miles total
Wednesday 6 9
Thursday 4 16
Friday 9 10
Saturday 6 x mile (1min rest) in 6min. On hilly trails. 10 miles total REST
Sunday 18 10
TOTAL: 100 miles

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