another duck another dollar

100 mile weeks are more about logistics than running. There is the constant tide of running gear to get through, washing, drying, packing, unpacking. Being organised is not my strong point. 7 minutes wasted stumbling around in the dark, trying to find a clean pair of socks in the morning is a mile off your morning run, which you then have to try and make up somewhere else. They quickly add up.

On Wednesday I have 2 x 1hr Personal Training sessions to do, then I am instructing a Bear Grylls Academy, then I have my own 10 mile run to finish the day. The only thing harder than all this? Trying to get all your kit in one bag!

Saturday morning I am supposed to do the local 5km parkrun. I am parked at nearby petrol station, it is raining. It is not supposed to be raining. I am in t-shirt and shorts. I have a quick nap in the car. A police man wakes me up an hour later to check I’m ok. I have missed the race, but it is still raining. I go training instead and the nap has done me good, I’m flying.

Sunday long run, the weather is perfect and I am up early to avoid the busy roads and tourists trying to run me over. I cannot get going, body stiff and flat. Often I find after a good session on a Saturday, it will sharpen me up for the relatively slower long run on Sunday, not this time. I manage to get the miles done anyway, but feeling a little bit concerned, long runs are important for marathons.

Then we go to Beddgelert for the annual duck race, 1000 ducks are chucked in the river and race downstream to the next bridge. I am in the river helping to collect them, Nina is selling cakes for the local nursery, there is great loud music playing in the sunshine, Jim gets a free ice cream for dressing like a pirate AND our duck comes 3rd for £25! My luck has turned.

07/08/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 10
first mile terrible, last mile effortless
Tuesday 9 16 x 400m (1min rest) in 69 sec. 6 miles total
Wednesday REST 10
 take Jim swimming
Thursday 9 10
Friday 11
 Day off work, hammering with rain all day
Saturday 3 x 1km, 2 x 500m, 4 x 1km (3min rest) @ 3min/km pace. 12 miles total REST
 big step up, feel great, could have done more
Sunday 15 miles @ 5.53 miling. 23 miles total
 Disappointed. Wanted 5.45 pace, first mile in 6.01, body just fighting me the whole way
TOTAL: 100 miles

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