Quality and Quantity

Week 4 of 8 into Berlin Marathon prep, I try to put a bit more quality into my runs this week. I even manage to turn up to local parkrun, without falling asleep on the way there (read last week’s post here). It doesn’t go great though, heavy legs after busy week.

After run I am supposed to be working at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, but course is cancelled. So I take the family up the mountain for our own little survival school. We eat wood sorrell, gorse flower and blackberries. We see an adder, a buzzard AND most amazingly of all, a dormouse!

Sunday feels like one of those days where I do not get to sit down at all. Evening 10 mile run done in the rain. Get home soaked and pretty tired, think about watching a movie, but fall asleep instead.


14/08/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 11
Tuesday 3 20 x 200m (200m jog in 90 sec). 8 miles total
Wednesday 10 REST
Thursday 9 5 x mile (1min rest) in 5.17. 2 x 200m in 29/28. 11 miles total
Friday 10
Saturday Penrhyn 5km parkrun – 16.19. 5 miles tempo. 10 miles total 3hr mountain walk with family
 feeling abit stiff in parkrun, very windy, but wanted better time
Sunday 5 miles @ 5.55 mile pace. 4 miles @ 5.45 pace. 3 miles @ 5.40 pace. 1 mile easy inbetween reps. 18 miles total  10 miles easy
 still feeling forced in Sunday long run, even when breaking it up. PM run smoother.
TOTAL: 100 miles

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