Ladywell 10000

There are lots of different shades of tiredness. It is hard to read all of them. Some you have to learn to live with, some you have to listen to. Track Tuesday goes great, but it comes after quite a hard day at work and I am really feeling it on Wednesday. That evening I am sensing the wrong shade of tired, so take the decision not to do the 10 mile run after work. I spend the time with the family playing frisbee in the Autumn sun. My 100 mile week is out the window, but I have to sacrifice that so I can run a good track race on the Sunday.

On the night of the Ladywell 10,000m it is abit windy and rainy, but there is music and beer and Carribean food, and I am very happy a big group of my closest friends and family come to watch.

We are underway and I am getting loads of home support from the crowd, love it. I am sitting behind Jonathan Poole. He is running 5min miles like a metronome. It feels incredibly comfortable. Every now and then I get the urge to overtake him but then I remember he nearly lapped me last time we raced, so I tell myself to behave. I imagine it will come to a last lap smack down, where I fancy my chances, but John ramps up with 4 laps to go, he runs the sting clean out of me. I can’t hold onto him but manage a last mile of 4.45, bringing me home in a season best of 31.00.36. Soooo close to sub 31 but still very happy with it.

I ran 5km splits of 15.37/ 15.22. A negative split like that is always good, makes you feel there is more for next time. 15.22 is actually a 5km season best for me, so 2 for the price of 1 (I love a good deal). Brill event fantastically organised, thanks loads to all the Kent AC guys that made it happen.

ladywell 10000.jpg

me sitting in behind John Poole

Long drive home in the rain and dark, power through with coffee and podcasts. I stop at services a few times and do little warmdown jogs around carpark, get soaked splashing through puddles. Not sure it is worth it.

28/08/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 6
Worlds apart from last Monday. Feeling much fresher
Tuesday 9 2 miles – 10.23, 10 x 400m in 65-66 (2min rest), 1 mile – 5.18. 9 miles total
 another perfect evening for track. Really enjoy and feel good
Wednesday 10 REST
 very tired. Realise I have to choose between 100mile week and good race on Sun
Thursday REST 10
 not feeling quite right
 Drive to London pm, tired
Saturday Dulwich 5km parkrun – 16.57. 10 miles total REST
 Lunch with family, see my little baby nephew
Sunday 3  Ladywell 10,000m – 31.00min
Drive back to Wales straight after race, arrive 2am
TOTAL: 70 miles

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