Abersoch Half

With 2 weeks to go until Berlin Marathon, the idea is to cut length of sessions but not the quality. Mon and Tues are fine but Wednesday I am finding work very difficult. I am supposed to run after, decide to have a quick nap in the car, and wake up an hour later feeling rough. On Friday I do my run on the treadmill to see where I am. The good thing about the treadmill is that the numbers don’t lie; wind, temperature, humidity, gradient are all non-variable. Which leaves just you, and the numbers. I normally clip along happily at 10.0mph, but today I am at 8.6 and it is feeling hard, way too hard.

Morning of the race and I have one of those warmups where you have no idea how you are going to run a half marathon, just feel rough. No amount of music or drills or chocolate can lift me. Race starts and straight away it feels too fast. I am in 3rd place and am hanging on for dear life. I should be enjoying this, fine tuning before marathon. I am fighting my body to keep up the pace, have no pop or rhythm. I feel my hamstring get very tight and at 5 miles I call it a day.

abersoch start

me far right. Not looking terrible, but feeling it


beautiful morning on the beach, throw shells in the sea with Jim to take my mind off the race

I spend Sunday in bed, ill. I don’t put injuries or illnesses purely down to chance. There are normally things you are doing wrong that lead to breakdowns. Not taking care of business, burning the candle at both ends, not eating and sleeping properly.

This time last week I was flying, feeling amazing. And look at this, how quickly it has changed. But that is peaking, when you are super fit you are super vulnerable. I didn’t look after myself well enough, now I have to really take care with one week to go, I believe I can get it back in time.

In other news, I have had to finally succumb to the world of smartphones this week. I have held on zealously to my simple handset for years. It is cheap and simple, I can drop it, and the battery lasts 2 weeks. I thought this could go on forever. Then I booked my accommodation to Berlin via Airbnb, and the host informed me matter of factly that she could only be contacted via Whatsapp. Just like that, it is all over.

11/09/2017 AM PM
Monday 4 2
hard day at work, in the rain
Tuesday 4 REST
storm Aileen pm, skip track session
Wednesday REST REST
feeling weird and fatigued
Thursday 4 2
Friday 7
ย very slow, forcing
Saturday Abersoch Half – DNF at 5 miles. 7 miles total REST
5 miles quicker than marathon pace, but fighting the whole way
sofa or bed all day
TOTAL: 30 miles



5 thoughts on “Abersoch Half

  1. I had some dreadful runs before Berlin two years ago when I let myself get completely over fatigued. I’m sure with the right preparation you’ll smash it on the day!

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  2. Sort of pleased you didn’t give it full or even half beans in the half, so you can save something for the race. You just don’t know whether it’ll help or hinder, so I’d just go with hinder and you can now use that energy in Berlin. Short and sharp reps this week when you feel better, then go for it on Sunday. The brain and body will play games with you now, but the training is now done and it’s a case of sticking to your race plan. Don’t stop for a pee though!


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