Inbetween Marathons

Russell’s gone out to buy something to go with custard and has asked me to guest-write this post. This is because I read his draft and it was so shockingly mundane, I had to let him know. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you into some secrets about Mr Bentley:

He is a really good driver (he does this thing he is trying to teach me, where you think about your maneuver before you do it) 

He bought me roses to say thank you for moving house single-handedly, with two kids in tow, while he lay around resting, recuperating, generally being ill and exhausted. The roses made up for it.

When moving mattresses (something Russell abstained from during the recent house move), he has the overwhelming sense that he actually spends his “whole life moving mattresses!”

He is extraordinarily and disarmingly ticklish

He can read really fast

He tends to be great at pretty much anything he sets his mind to, and it is only lamentable that there are not enough hours in a day or years in a lifetime to try everything. But there are exceptions, for which I make up the gaps:

spreading something on bread

washing clothes – and storing them in anything other than an enormous pile on the floor

talking about money

indulging in a bit of nostalgia without getting moody

understanding the concept and good maintenance of a non-stick pan

and he can sometimes, very occasionally, put forward his opinion without much (any) tact

Apart from that, he is perfect. He is, as I write, making me something with custard. And he runs, so you don’t have to.

x Nina


2/10/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 1
1 mile in 6min, cos I feel like it
Tuesday REST 8x600m (2min rest) in 1.48. 5 miles total
 really enjoy it, still evening, calves feeling good
Wednesday REST 5
Thursday REST 6
Saturday Bangor 10km – 32.38. 1st place and Course Record. 8 miles total REST
 Only decided last minute to do this. Put in a quick 1st mile then cruise it
TOTAL: 25 miles
9/10/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 5
Tuesday REST 16x400m (1min rest) in 69. 5 miles total
 V windy, but feels good
Wednesday REST 5
 day off work due to rain. Sleep in mmmm
Thursday REST 4
 wanted to run, but have to take car to and from garage to fix brakes
Saturday 10 REST
Sunday British Fell Relays. 15km – 1hr22. + 10 miles. 20 miles total REST
 with Rich Roberts. Get Disqualified for some reason. Rest 1hr then do 10 miles on the Snowdonia Marathon course. 2 weeks to go
TOTAL: 49 miles



9 thoughts on “Inbetween Marathons

  1. Nina, next time you do a guest blog please can you explain more about the maintenance of a non stick frying pan? Mine looks like it’s got something stuck on it and so it isn’t non stick any more. Did I do something wrong or have I just kept it too long/used it too much? I know not to scrape it with sharp metal things. Don’t worry. I think I’ll just buy a new one.
    Very envious of Russ’s ability to run 10k faster than my 5k and a 6minute mile just because he felt like it. And to avoid furniture removals.
    All in all I think he’s a lucky buggar! Thanks for blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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