Usain Bolt vs Serena Williams

The novelty of last week has totally worn off! This, my 2nd week back at work, feels a lot harder. The days go slower and reality is setting in.

Beautiful days here in Snowdonia. But cold.

Being out in the cold all day has lots of side effects:

  • hungry all the time
  • needing a piss all the time (just me?)
  • getting home knackered

I am really hanging on for the weekend. On Friday night/Sat morning, Jim decides to wake up at 3.30am and scream the house down for no apparent reason. I have to get up early on Saturday to get my run done, it nearly kills me. I sit in the car with the heater on and call friends, play on my phone, procrastinate. I drag myself out and do 1 mile. It is awful. Shoulders tense and rolling. Heavy legs. I stop. I watch a YouTube video of Usain Bolt and Serena Williams training. I don’t know why. It just popped up on the homepage. But it helps. I manage another 4 miles.

Clawing my way back to fitness I wonder if it is only a belief that my body can push through this that sets me apart from a non-runner starting for the first time. Is there really any muscle memory or latent talent there? Or is it just stubborn self-belief that pulls me through?IMG_2171

27/11/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 5 TM
Tuesday REST half session. 4 x 600m (6min recovery) in 1.48. 3 miles total
Felt easier than thought it would. Left knee achey, but ok
Wednesday REST REST
Thursday REST 5 TM
hard hard hard
Friday REST 5 TM
not QUITE as hard
Saturday 5 REST
so hard
Sunday 3 REST
Yes. You read that right. 3 miles!
TOTAL: 26 miles  TM = treadmill



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