Snowed in


This week I finally get THAT run. The one where my body remembers;

  1. I have done this before
  2. I am in fact a runner
  3. I was, not so long ago, quite good at it
  4. I actually really enjoy this!

It is 7 weeks since I ripped my knee up so spectacularly (read about it here), and only now am I starting to feel like I am running on both legs. It makes running much smoother and less tiring.

This Sunday we are completely snowed in. The roads are impassable. I am feeling restless. Before I was injured, I could carry my whole family at once. El on Nina’s back, Nina on my shoulders, and then Jim in my right arm.  I want to see if I can do it again, to prove to myself my knee is completely recovered.

We are out in the snow when I decide now is the time. Nina is not so sure. What if I slip and everyone falls in the snow? I tell her the snow will break the fall. That doesn’t go down well. I persist, and Nina relents, and I do manage to lift everyone up. But now I want to take a photo of it. This is problematic. After setting the phone up I realise I only have 10 seconds, after pressing the button, to get everyone in position. As Nina and I are standing in the snow quarreling over the pros and cons of this whole thing, It is el who puts an end to the argument. She decides (quite rightly) daddy has clearly lost his mind, and screams when I come anywhere near her.

I go off in a huff. I get takeaway to make myself feel better. Our Sunday dinner consists of pepperoni pizza and chocolate croissants (they were on offer in the Co-op).

Non-running related highlight of the week:

We moved house 2 months ago, and it seems like I have spent that whole 2 months looking for my GPS watch charger.  I found it on Friday. Shit. That is running related. I will try harder next week.

Best thing on the internet this week:

Mike Blake wins Unsung Hero Award in BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year. See him in action here. An indefatigable, unique character, who has been a massive help to me and my family. One of the best fell running descenders ever. He has tried several times to teach me how to do it, in vain.

Thing I’m digging this week:

Searching for Sugar Man. Movie.

A true story about the working class hero to end all working class heros! Genius musician. If you like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, or the movie Finding Llewelyn Davies, then you have to check it out.

I actually stole this tip off 2.16 marathoner Paul Marteletti, who was interviewed in Lets Get Running podcast here.

4/12/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 5 tm
Tuesday REST 3/4 of session. 6x600m in 1.48 (2.30min rest)
felt hard and ugly, but I get it done
Wednesday 5 tm 4 tm
Thursday 4 tm
sposed to run pm, but Nina invites family with 5 kids over for pancakes instead
Saturday 10tm REST
first run since injury where knee doesn’t hurt or ache at all!
Sunday 10tm REST
completely snowed in. So sleep in, laze around, love it
TOTAL: 44 miles  tm = treadmill



2 thoughts on “Snowed in

  1. of that day;
    you posted this
    i happened to be
    out walking
    and was reminded
    russel’s not posted

    some concern
    given the struggle of
    his week two (weak)
    but you emerged shining
    sharp and…

    and there i pondered…
    great, but
    don’t forget
    less we
    as i am now
    injuries inform
    emerge stronger
    the injury place
    should we not
    return or

    go well mr snowdon


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