they ain’t heavy




Tuesday night and the weather is biblical. It is the kinda night where you feel anything could happen. The roads are flooding, trees are falling, and running feels more like wrestling. I really don’t want to go to the track tonight, but we have a little group turning up every week, and I don’t want to be the ‘no show’.

Getting in the car after the session, tired, cold, heavy, kit all soaked through, I heave the door closed against the wind and rain. I am feeling sorry for myself. I take a breath and turn on the ignition, the first bars of Eminem – Lose Yourself come on the radio. Amazing how one song can completely transform your mindset. I turn the volume up full blast and sing along, by the time my favourite line comes up

and it’s no movie, there’s no Michelle Pfeiffer, this is my life

I am soaring.

Thursday and Friday I am doing proper old school labour at work. Digging and carrying. Digging and carrying. All day. Alone. I am the only one in our small building firm with a back that can take it. I have to concentrate really hard to use my abs and keep my spine safe. On Thursday after work I manage to do my 10 mile run. On Friday evening I just sink further and further into the sofa, and there I stay.

Non-running related highlight of the week:

While I am trying to be an ox at work, My little boy Jim is an ox in the school Christmas play (seamless link hey). I don’t manage to see him but I watch the video and he is a total star. Singing at the top of his voice and waving at the crowd with confidence and charisma, and horns.

Best thing on the internet this week:

My track and road club, Kent AC, have adopted a refugee, Dame Dibaba, from Ethiopia. Read the brilliant Guardian story of his travails here.  It really puts our first world problems into perspective.

Thing I’m digging this week:

I finally manage to lift my whole family up and get a photo of it, after last weeks failure (read blog post here). This is scientific 100% proof evidence fact that my knee is all better now.

Photographic evidence…



11/12/2017 AM PM
Monday REST 5tm
Tuesday REST 20x200m (1min rest) in 32. 5 miles total
abysmal weather. ‘Get It Done Day’
Wednesday REST REST
 not sure why I didn’t run today. Day ran away from me
Thursday REST  10tm
 hard day at work
hard day at work x 2 = no run
Saturday 10tm REST
Sunday 10tm REST
sposed to run 15 miles. Legs still recovering from labour
TOTAL: 40 miles  tm = treadmill



6 thoughts on “they ain’t heavy

  1. Aawwwww! Love your family pic! I really feel for you at work. We are having a house built and the guys are out there (apparently 2 degrees and rising is warm enough) , building and flagging, and in the background I can see snow on Pendle. All finishing this week for Christmas for a couple of weeks. I don’t envy them working outdoors in the cold, but appreciate that they do!

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