N.Wales Cross Country Champs

line up nwales xc.jpg

Really determined to start the new year, and build up to London Marathon, with a bang. Want a 100 mile week. But, being ill and generally unfit, means this is going to be a long shot.

The little teething problems of getting into high-mileage slow me down. Chafing, niggles, aches and pains. As the week goes on I can feel my body getting the hang of it already.

My first race in 3 months is the North Wales Cross Country Championships. Last year I was 2nd, I had been hoping to go one better this time round. But now, I would settle for top 10.

I am very scared the morning of the race. You don’t really know what shape you are in until you start racing. I am worried about all sorts of things; Am I going to come last? Is my knee going to hurt? Am I a big fake?

Driving on the way to my race with my dad, I find myself hoping his van breaks down. I really don’t want to do this. I know I need to start somewhere, and fear of failure is never an excuse to quit.

As it happens, the race goes pretty well. The weather is nice, sunny and cold. My body and mind seems to remember what to do and I can’t help but get near the front. After 1st lap I am 4th, then move up into 3rd, and there I stay. The last lap I am really in pain, and wobbling, but I am fully committed at this point. I manage to hold on. The guys who beat me are both good runners, and so I am over the moon with my performance. It is such a relief to have done it.

The race takes place at Rhug Estate, where they are famous for their Bison burgers. I am really looking forward to one after my warm down, they are sold out!

Sunday morning and the weather is glorious. I do a 20 mile run, the 1st half I feel great, then I hit the wall, and absolutely die all the way home. Get abit lost too, so a 2 hour run takes me 3hrs30. I am still a work in progress.

In other news, I get a message back from editor Athletics Weekly, after this blog post, kindly explaining their reasons for cutting the Top 50 rankings, and he has invited me to write an article about bringing them back!

Also, If you missed my last post you can read it here

Non-Running highlight of the week:

My dad came to stay and got the heating and hot water working – miracle worker!


Best thing on the internet this week:

Our family have been watching this, documentary of woman wild swimming in Snowdonia.


Thing I’m digging this week:

New Wolf Alice album – Vision Of A Life

1/1/2018 AM PM
Monday 6tm 5tm
Tuesday 7tm 7tm
sposed to be track PM, but scared off by storm Eleanor
Wednesday 3tm 10tm
chafing AM, have to stop early
Thursday 3tm  5tm
gym busy PM, I get off tm to go for a pee, come back and my machine is taken
Friday 7tm 6tm
Very physical day at work, pretty tired after PM run
Saturday REST N.Wales XC Champs. 11 total
 Finish 3rd, very happy/relieved
Sunday 24 REST
absolutely destroyed. Sposed to run 6 miles PM. No way!
TOTAL: 94 miles  tm = treadmill



4 thoughts on “N.Wales Cross Country Champs

  1. Good blog as usual! Great news about being asked to write the article..

    Was meant to ask, have you read John Williams’ , Stoner? I’m going to read the Buffalo Crossing..

    Going ok this end. Up to 90 miles a week. Will try 100 next week..

    Sent from my iPhone



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