London Marathon – Week 3 of 10


greenwich park

London Marathon 2018 will be my 4th Major Marathon, and the 4th marathon I have trained seriously for. When I launch into marathon training, I promise myself that no matter what happens, whatever goes on in my life, I will run 100 miles a week. It is a red line.

I know it is an arbitrary number, and if I run 91 miles one week, it probably won’t make any difference. But then, if you allow yourself off the hook one week, then whats to stop you slipping the following week. The discipline slides, and everything slides. And the accumulation of all those missed miles can make all the difference.

I am not an obsessive runner. I love running, but I love loads of other things too. This is usually a healthy thing. But to be a really good runner, I think you HAVE to get a bit obsessive every now and then. You are trying to do something that is not average, so you can’t behave average. Sticking to 100 mile weeks religiously is how I get focused, single minded, unbalanced, and obsessive. And it works.

As much as I would love to ring fence these 10 weeks of marathon training, life doesn’t play by the script. This week something much more important than running came up, and it wasn’t going to wait till after London Marathon.

I could have made the miles back, but it would have meant back to back 30 mile days. I COULD do that, I am fit enough right now. But it would just have been asking for trouble.

In other news, on Sunday I attended the On Summit, where I met the rest of the On Running Ambassadors and the Reps. It was great to meet a lot of the guys in the flesh for the first time and just be surrounded by like minded people with similar goals.

I have been super impressed with the shoes and kit. On pay meticulous attention to detail and just wearing the kit makes me feel more pro. I am a big believer in the ‘fake it till you make it’ philosophy and every time I lace up their trainers, it lifts me abit, helps me feel classy, act classy and, hopefully, run classy.

The brand’s philosophy is to only make very high quality shoes and kit. Everything is aimed at performance, there is never any budget stuff, or compromise on build. They are the only running brand that purely focuses on the high end like this, and I am really excited and proud to be a part of it!

We were each given a small gift of Swiss chocolates (On is a Swiss brand), I tried very hard to save mine for Nina; Massive fail.

Non-Running highlight of the week:

Went to Nandos. My favourite restaurant

Best thing on the internet this week:

This guy just ran super fast 60.09 for half marathon. Swiss kid living and training full time in Iten, Kenya.

Thing I’m digging this week:

My mate has a drone, love it, want one! No, not to spy on people, crash into airplanes or even deliver Amazon parcels, but to film me running!

12/2/2018 AM PM
Monday 5tm 5
Tuesday REST 20x200m in 31-32. 5 miles total
 Sleep in, because of laziness. Perfectly still evening on the track, love it!
Wednesday Drive to London REST
 sometimes life doesn’t wait for you to go running
Thursday REST REST
Friday 15
 Beautiful sunny morning
Saturday 8xmile in 5.05 (400m jog in 3min). 15 miles total  15
 Perfect morning on the track. Cool but sunny, not a breeze
Sunday 20. Drive to Lougborough  Drive to Wales
 5am start. Just get up, have a coffee, and take it 1 mile at a time
TOTAL: 80 miles  tm = treadmill



2 thoughts on “London Marathon – Week 3 of 10

  1. Not one mentioned of the added bonus/pleasure of training at the Project during said sabbatical in London. Tut tut! : ) #getONit

    Chris G


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