London Marathon Here We Come

Monday is my last day at work before 2 weeks off. It’s a lovely sunny day and I have to finish knocking a wall down. It all feels really easy and the time flies by.

Tuesday I do a talk with the Born To Run semester at Bangor Uni. They are training for Liverpool half marathon in a month, so we talk about tapering. It is good for me to go over the basics. Then we do a parlouf session on a hill in the rain and wind. I give the winning team protein bars.

Our wee family drive down to London Tuesday night, Nina drops me at my parents and she takes the kids to stay with her parents for the week.

On Wednesday I check in to the London Marathon Expo, get my number, and do a gig with On, my sponsors. I really enjoy it. Really nice to hang out with other members of the team, Andy, Lucy & Olly. I do an interview and some filming on the sunny streets of Docklands. The camera man works with Sky Sports and he is really good at making me feel like a superstar. Constantly positive rhetoric, like…

“Wow! You look fantastic, Brilliant, Outstanding”

First of all I’m thinking, “Is this guy for real? This is straight out of a movie, he is just saying all this cos it’s his job. I bet he says this stuff to all the guys…”

But, I swear, after about 2 hours of this, it gets into your bones. I am running around like “Yeah! I do look Fantastic, Brilliant, Outstanding”.

Thursday, really nice smooth little workout with Kent AC squad and the Ladywell Project. I do 2 of their 5 mile reps in faster than marathon pace, easy and smooth. It feels so good I am tempted to jump in with Chris and Max, knocking out sub 5 min miles at the front. Hold.



last minute tactic talk with coach Ken

Friday and Saturday are spent relaxing on my parent’s sofa, with book, and TV.


Saturday morning, I park outside a newsagent after my run, to buy some supplies. When opening the car door to go home, I drop my protein bar, and it bounces off the curb and lands right under the car. I try kneeling down to get it, but the concrete feels really hard against my bare knees.  I don’t want to get some stupid bruise now, the day before the race.  I am parked tightly, with no room to drive forwards or backwards and clear the comestible. I have to either scrape and squeeze my body under the car to retrieve it, or, drive off and find somewhere else to park then walk back for it.

I do neither, I just drive off. This is about the only day of the year I would consciously leave a £1.99 protein bar behind. That is an idea of the level of sacrifice I am bringing to this race!


The protein bar in question. Might still be on Herne Hill Road somewhere waiting…

Saturday night I do pre-race meal at my parents, inviting my sister and brother in law. Patrick will also be running London Marathon, and I have been coaching him via email and WhatApp. Having never run a marathon before he has set himself a goal of Sub 3 hours. I told him at Christmas he would have to train hard to get that, and he did. He has had a great build up, no injuries, no major illness, and he nailed a perfect half marathon 2 weeks ago.

So all in all, a really smooth and drama-free taper. I am feeling light and smooth and fast on all my runs. Eating and sleeping well. Calm and confident. I know it is going to be hot, but there is no point worrying about that now.

Stay cool honey bunny


Full dress rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. My dad suggests cable ties for the timing chips, genius!

Non-running related highlight of the week

My little boy wants a bike for his 4th Birthday, and he wants it pink with purple stripes. So, we buy him a pink one and I spend an hour in the garden, spray painting purple stripes on it. Really enjoy doing it, and hope he is as proud of it as I am!

Best thing on the internet this week:

I’ve got nothing

Thing I’m digging this week:

Sometimes I think of myself as a reluctant marathon runner. I feel like I am still learning it, and I miss the speed and tactics of middle distance track racing. But after Callum Hawkin’s performance last week in the Commonwealth Games, and after Boston Marathon this week, I am really, fully preferring marathon right now; what it stands for, how hard it is, and how anything can happen!

Yuki Kawauchi has run 78 marathons in sub 2.20, while holding down a full-time job. In Boston, with the high winds, sleet, and sub zero temperatures, he wears vest and shorts, and runs the first mile in world record pace. When the World Champion, Geoffrey Kirui, breaks for home at mile 22, surely it’s all over?


16/4/2018 AM PM
Monday REST 5tm
Hard day at work, but holiday tomorrow. Watch Boston Marathon on tm, inspiring!
Tuesday REST 2km in 6min ™. 5 miles total
Talk at Bangor Uni am, really enjoy. Weather terrible so do sharpener session on tm, very happy with it. Drive down to London goes smooth
Wednesday 2 REST
weigh in under 10 stone for first time in 2018. Do some promo work with ON
Thursday REST 2 x mile in 5.10 (full rest) 4 miles total
work with ON at expo, enjoy it. Session at Ladywell goes well
Friday 2 REST
rest day
Saturday 2 REST
rest, but no nap, to ensure good night sleep. Works really well
Sunday London Marathon. 39th – 2.29.41  REST
hardest marathon I’ve ever run, but really enjoy it! Race report to follow
TOTAL: 50 miles tm = treadmill




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