Moel Y Gest Fell Race

Moel-y-Gest summit ridge

It is that twilight period for me where; I am out of routine, getting up late, going to bed late, gently fading into mediocrity, and loving it.

Another week of hard days at work, and just training as I feel. Have been accepted into Berlin Marathon in September, so I now have a 6 week window to run just for the pure joy of it, before knuckling down to serious miles and routine.

It so happens that I love fell racing, which is convenient as we live in an area where fell races are everywhere. It is so cool to be able to drive 20min from home and do a fell race on a Tuesday night.


When I first moved to Snowdonia, I was still predominantly a track runner. I was convinced that the strength I was gaining from all the fell running would pay spectacular dividends for my track season. It didn’t really work out that way.  I lost a lot of track sharpness, and didn’t really feel the endurance benefits translate to flat, fast running.

The benefits of fell running (apart from it being life-affirming and inspirational and incredible fun) are more long-term for me. My body gets tired and weak from doing repetitive road running all the time. The variety of movement, the balance and proprioception needed for fell running, strengthens the joints and tendons and keeps me safe (apart from when I fall and rip my knee to pieces, blog post here).

Looking forward to doing another local fell race on Tuesday, then Liverpool Rock n Roll Half on Sat. Then getting on the track for a 5000m, and also want to get that sub 60sec for 400m done (it is one of my New Year’s Resolutions).

Non-running related highlight of the week

Impromptu stop at pub on Sunday, after taking kids swimming. Pint of cider in the sun as Jim plays in the beer garden and el sleeps. Felt glorious at the time, but it wiped out my day. Impossible to do anything productive after, I promptly lock myself out of the house

Best thing on the internet this week:

19 Harsh Truths You Don’t Want To Hear But Must

Some hit and miss, but mainly hits. Favourites are:

no.4 – Complaining is a f*cking waste of time

no.11 – Create value ahead of everything else

Thing I’m digging this week:

Interview with Yuki Kawauchi (Winner of Boston Marathon 2018, 76 marathons sub 2.20)

Also this. Great song, shit video

7/4/2018 AM PM
Bank Holiday. Working on roof till 9.30pm
Tuesday REST Moel Y Gest fell race – 1st. 35.16. 7 miles total
 after rain all day, beautiful evening, decide to do race over track session
Wednesday REST 5x1km in 3min (3min)
no warm up, no warm down, just go straight into it
Thursday REST REST
 tired out from heavy days at work
Friday REST 3 miles including 8min flat out
 because I feel like it
Saturday Bangor Park Run – 16.02. 10 miles total REST
 beautiful morning, really enjoy it
Sunday 5 (fells)  REST
 sposed to do 10, can’t be bothered
TOTAL: 28 miles tm = treadmill

One thought on “Moel Y Gest Fell Race

  1. Dear Russell, your report about Moel y Gest takes me back to the late 1930s, when Gibson family summer holidays were taken in Borth y Gest, lodged in the rented school-house, with Moel y Gest as background for uphill walking. The last of these holidays included the outbreak of world war two, heard on the radio and followed by return to Liverpool for the start of evacuation of father’s school to Bangor and family to Menai Bridge. I am glade to hear that the present generation is putting the hill to good use. It sits so curiously alone, far from the main mountain ridges. Warm good wishes to you all, Martin Sent freom Mail for Windows 10

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