It’s a little bit leave it


This was sposed to be a picture of me at the top of Mt Snowdon, but my phone went dead, so I came down and took this silly selfie instead.

Tuesday I am out in the hot sun all day with nothing to drink. I am getting pulled around by a wacker plate twice my size, and by the time it gets to home time I am feeling pretty wacked myself. On top of this, Nina’s car battery has died, so she has to take me to and from work with the kids. Although it’s only for a few days, I realise how much I rely on that quiet time inbetween home and work.

Anyway, I am sposed to be doing a fell race in the evening. But I am not feeling it at all. I could force myself to go, but I know I have another hard day at work tomorrow, and I will be totally ruined.  I hate having my life dictated by work, but sometimes that’s just the way it is. I am in bed by 8.30pm.

I am also supposed to be running at the Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon this week, I am looking forward to it for a few reasons;

1) I can support the Bangor Uni students who will be there doing the full marathon. I have done some talks and training sessions with the class and have been reading all their blogs

2) I might win

But I get the days mixed up, I thought the race was on Saturday instead of Sunday. After all the focus and discipline that goes into training for London Marathon, this is the time of year where I revert to my natural state, i.e. lax. I could still make the race on Sunday, but my kids are having their joint Birthday party, and I would have to rush back home like a madman to make it in time.

I also discover that to get my race number, I am required to go to the Race HQ by 5pm on the SATURDAY, even though the race is on the SUNDAY. The only other races I am aware of that make such a high demand are the London and Berlin Major Marathons. I email the organiser to ask if there is a way around this, he abruptly tells me no. So I have to either find a place to stay on the Saturday night, sleep in the car, or do the 4 hour round trip to Liverpool on Saturday, and then do the whole trip again the next day. Or just not go. I reply to the organiser, ‘It’s a little bit leave it’, and I have a fantastic weekend NOT driving to and from Liverpool twice.

Saturday morning, in perfect conditions, I run my fastest time in the Penryhn Parkrun. Then we watch some royal wedding while Nina and the kids make cake and (green) jelly. Sunday, I run up Snowdon for the first time in 2018. Then we have a great time at Jim and El’s birthday party. We do lots of barefoot running games. I once had a job doing races with kids, it was the best job I ever had.

Really looking forward to Trafford 5000m on Tuesday. And I have taken the day off work this time!

Non-running related highlight of the week

Doing the little races at my kids’ Birthday party. Yes yes, I know, that is ‘running related’. But guess what, it’s my blog and I don’t care.

Best thing on the internet this week:

“It’s not all guns and brawn baby, or good looks.”

Been waiting all week to put this one in! Brilliant documentary on the Joshua vs Klitschko boxing match. Showing now on Netflix, extended trailer below. Joshua is such a dude. The Usain Bolt of boxing.

Thing I’m digging this week:

I watch in awe (on BBC red button) as clubmate Alex Yee comes 5th in the European Cup, his debut 10,000m, in a stunning time of 27.51. I have been banging on about Alex for a while, and most people get it. But there were some who argued that he had only raced against domestic or junior opposition, and that when he took on the big boys, he wouldn’t look so impressive. Well hopefully he has now proved that to be a load of bollocks. He made everyone else (even those who beat him) look average with his smooth and effortless glide. It is only a matter of time.


Oh, and other random thing I am digging. This put down from Ryan Renolds:

“What’s your favourite colour? Mediocre?”

14/4/2018 AM PM
 more tired
Wednesday REST 5x600m in 1.42 (2min rest). 4 miles total
first track session since London Marathon, really nervous, but it goes great.
Thursday REST 3 miles, including 9 min flat out
just enjoying going fast or not at all
Friday REST 2 miles fast
pint after work, then run
Saturday Bangor Park Run – 15.48. 8 miles total REST
Sunday Snowdon. 10 miles total  REST
try and take it easy, but you can’t really run up Snowdon easy
TOTAL: 27 miles tm = treadmill



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