Abersoch 10k

Tuesday goes great, I am flying in training and very happy with myself. Wednesday goes badly. At work we are given the worst instructions in history, to build a glass balustrade. It’s like they have been concocted in the depths of hell. They lull you into a false sense of security, then randomly mention something essential that should have been done 4 steps before. None of the screws match the ones provided, it makes you want to tear your hair out. The dentist tries to tear my tooth out instead. I have to get my crown ground down. It shouldn’t be painful the dentist assures me. Oh but it is. I take the pain quietly like the hero I am, for about 5 seconds, then my hand flies up of its own accord and whacks the nurse and dentist away. I apologise profusely, they try again, it happens again. They are disappointed in me.  I leave very embarrassed.

Saturday morning is Abersoch 10k. Training has been going really well recently. But the last time I was here, I was doing the Abersoch Half, and had to pull out (read post here). So I am abit nervous on the start line.



The crowds are incredible running through town. I try to hold myself back for the first mile, but I am already feeling good. I give my little girl a high 5 and run a 5.17 mile. There is one person on my shoulder. I run the next mile in 5.04, I am on my own.

It becomes a race against myself. It is hard to stay honest when you are all on your own. I try and keep my foot on the gas. At halfway there is the Tocyn Brutal, a brilliant race inside a race. Runners are timed running up a very steep 600m hill. I really want to get sub 3min, I turn myself inside out to do it, and get 2.43, that is pretty good, I have to keep on going. There is a hose pipe set up for us to under, mmmmm, it is getting hot.

The course loops round and I am lapping other runners. All of a sudden I am gaining on a woman cycling along in the same direction as me. I am going to overtake her very soon. She is in the middle of the narrow single track, I have to decide quickly if I should say something or not. Sometimes it can scare a cyclist and cause them to swerve straight into me. I try and squeeze past her on the right, just as she decides to point at something and smacks me in the face. I resist the urge to do the very British thing and apologise, I run on.

As I reach the beach I am feeling really good, with half a mile to go I have 3 minutes to break 33min, a fast time that very few have managed. The tide is high though, forcing me onto the soft sand, and to jump over the groynes. I am usually quite good at jumping over stuff. But when you take off and land in the soft sand it forces a complete stop. I am wobbling all over the place, I can see the finish line but I just can’t get there. I see the clock and and I know I can’t make sub 33, so I enjoy high fiving the crowd, and cross the line in 33.28.


Photo courtesy of Mick Hall 

Beautiful, unique race with a fantastic atmosphere. This is the 10th anniversary of the event, and the management organise for Live music and sunshine. I come 2nd in the Tocyn Brutal, and win a crate of cider for the effort. Impeccably well organised race, highly recommend.

I arrive home and am greeted by a leaking pipe. An overfull kettle placed under a massive puddle of water. It is straight from hero to zero as I spend the next few hours fixing it.


Non-running related highlight of the week

Out on the dam, teaching Jim to ride a bike, it turns into a scrambling session. Jim and El find a little rocky crag to climb up and down, so that is what we do in the Sunday afternoon sun.

Best thing on the internet this week:

Me finishing the Abersoch 10k!

link here

Thing I’m digging this week:

“Unpursued dreams have a tendency to stay in the background, gnawing at you only quietly, until suddenly it’s too late”


What’s The Best Way To Avoid Regrets. Guardian article (link here)

28/4/2018 AM PM
Monday 3 2 @ 6min miling
Tuesday REST 8 x 1km in 3min (3min rest). 7 miles total
Wednesday REST REST
 bad day, feeling awful after dentist
Thursday REST 10 miles, including 11min flatout
Friday REST 1km in 3min then 1mile in 6min. 3 miles total
Saturday Abersoch 10k. 1st – 33.28. 8 miles total REST
should run, don’t get it done early enough, lounge on sofa with family
TOTAL: 33 miles tm = treadmill



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