About Me

Born in London 1981. Started running in the 800m, absolutely loved it, the thrill of sustained speed. Coached by the legendary Frank Horwill, trained hard but was ravaged by injuries, especially Achilles. Never achieved my potential on the track but learnt a lot on the way, living and training with the best athletes and coaches in the world. Stayed in the famous St Patrick’s training camp in Kenya on many occasions. Learnt Swahili and got the nickname ‘Kipitgud’, which means hairy face, in Kalenjin. Charming. Set up a running camp for slightly less talented (but still extremely talented) Kenyan runners. Some of whom got contracts and raced in Europe.

After relocating to Snowdonia in 2012 (wrote a blog about it here) and then having children, have found my love of running again. Fell running has given me a robustness that improves my ability to withstand harder training. Have represented Wales several times abroad. Won the Snowdonia Marathon 2016 (read post here), kick-started my marathon career and earnt me the nickname ‘Russell Runner’.

Love walking in the beautiful mountains here. My wife, Nina, and 2 children (Jim – 3yrs, el – 1yr) try to live a simple life where we are outdoors as much as possible (which normally means getting rained on). Work full-time as a builder, not amazing money but brilliant job, always different, always learning new skills, and keeps me strong and healthy.

Recently ran a personal best of 2.20.20 in the Berlin Marathon (read post here, or listen to Marathon Talk podcast here). I like to think of myself as abit of a mesomorph (think ‘He-Man’). Would secretly love to get back on the track one day and have a another crack at 800m, but I don’t think it would be very pretty. Besides, 800m is more painful than marathons anyway. Can I say that? It’s my blog, ofcourse I can.

Current targets are to run sub 2.20 marathon, make you laugh with my witty and intelligent blog, and read to my kids more godammit!

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